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Mega Store!
Saturday, December 12, 2009

The ideal kitchen! Red is Retro!

Mirror on the wall who the prettiest of all?

The legendary meatball!

Went Ikea today to look for a wardrobe. But the the design and price wasn't as good as what i expect. Maybe i should try out some other furniture shop.

As i browse through the bedroom session, it really make me feel sleepy. Especially the overall design Ikea designed for the bedroom. Sometime don't you wish that your room look like one the design in their show room? Haha!

Moving toward the makan place, it packed with crowd! Jy and me have to walk around the place for quite sometime to find a seat. I finally tried the meatballs at Ikea, i would say it was tasty! Perhaps i should try out the chicken wings. I saw many people munching it and i was tempted.

I'm a penniless man now. After i spend a sum on my phone!

Girl gone wild

Yeahlynn Toh

wish upon the star
♥ Sewing Machine
♥ Fish Spa
♥ watch R21 movie in cinema!
♥ Tattoo
♥ Purple hair colour
♥ Underground Creeper
♥ A&F tote bag
♥ chanel mademoiselle
Ear Piece

click click!

you're on your way
gone with the wind