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Bintan Trip End.
Monday, December 28, 2009

Rise and shine!

Next day, we had our 1 day tour around the area. As you can see, it still consider a developing country. And there is a stench along the street because, there wasn't any rubbish bin! And also they are not like singapore, if you are caught littering, you get fine. In their country, you can throw the rubbish anywhere, including the bus.

Are you wondering what is that? That a honeycomb and bees!!! There are youngster walk around the area with this pill and promoting about their honey. If you are willing to purchase, they will scope the fresh honey out and fill it up into a bottle for you. Although it look very origin to us, but i find it kinda unhygienic! I mean, there could be other substances mix in it. I rather purchase those honey that i can buy in the market.

While the rest of the relative went for massage, some of us went down to the only shopping mall that could be found in the town. As i was walking through the mall, i spotted this pregnant cat! You may not be able to see it from the picture. Main point is, why are CAT allow in the building?

Finishing our day at Bintan, we headed down to take ferry back to Singapore.
On our way back, i actually suffer from sea sick and vomited 3 times on the the ferry! The moment i got off the ferry, i was cheering out loud in my heart!


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