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An ending, a new beginning.
Monday, September 28, 2009

Should have upload this long time ago. Length of hair that i cut off.

Reaching work place, it another day of inhaling in all the toxic air.

Anyway, I had this weird dream. There were 4 people including me trapped in a warehouse. Inside this warehouse, there was a psycho killer. He was chasing after me and wanted to kill me! I remember running around the warehouse and was stabbed a few times. Worst part is, the same scene happened again and again, like a loop.

Somehow, the 4 of us managed to come up with a plan to escape out. We pushed the stacks of wooden block and it hit the killer. The killer’s body was chopped into half and he is still alive! It started to chase after us.

We ran out of the warehouse and come to a point where there are 3 different paths for us to escape. The 2 people swim across the water to an island that used to be a prison. While me and another guy hop onto a boat and arrive at ……….

Out of so many place why Hawaii? I also don’t know.
Anyway lucky it’s just a dream. Thanks for the read.


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