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Factory, Shopping & Movie.
Thursday, June 25, 2009

I'm going down to Tiffany uncle factory later on, to confirm our t shirt order and also check out the shirt quality.

It started to rain when i reach the bus stop. Then i was thinking, I'm gonna be late again. Indeed, I'm late. So we took a cab from potong pasir down to the factory. The moment we got on the cab, we smell something sick. I don't know what kind of smell is that but it just make us uncomfortable.
The smell alone is already terrible. The driver doesn't know how to go to that place and we made a delay on the cab. We could have saved at least $1 but thanks to that stupid #%$^%# uncle.

After confirming everything, we went down to Vivo City for lunch. After lunch, xiao jun and mei hong have something on so they leave first. So Tiff and me walked around the mall, trying out clothes. I saw this really chio, chIO,CHIO dress from topshop. I wanted to buy it badly but i take a look at the price, $114.

Walking around the mall was so boring, so we decided to watch DRAG ME TO HELL! The show was awesome. I really find the vomiting part hilarious.

And one more thing, I will be having 1 more week holiday. Which mean my school will start on 6Th July.


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