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Midnight Story.
Friday, March 20, 2009

I'm so tired after trying to learn jolin new dance, Real man. So ah kai & I decided to video down the process. No matter how hard we try, we just look weird on the video. LOL! I am going to try again tomorrow until i reach a point where it just right.

The result is out! I was so nervous to even have a good rest the night before it was out. When i saw i passed every module i felt so much relieved. But I'm not very satisfied with it. My GPA was low but still not the worst in the class. *Phew* my java improved and grade for maths dropped. :[

Anyway, my neck is giving me some problem these days. Don’t tell me anything about shutter movie or ‘something’ was sitting on me. I’m not going to buy that! I Google for the answer and found out that one of the reason were, sitting in front of computer for too long. LOL! I need to confess, ever since holiday start I’ve been staring at computer for more than 6hours every day.
I need to rest now


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