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Dim sum buffet.
Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Dim Sum!

I spent about $13.50 for the dim sum buffet. I think its worth la. Cause the xiao long bao was nice, the juice burst out all the place when you bite it down. Too bad i was busy eating, forget to take photo of xiao long bao.
This restaurant is at novena square, 2ND floor near Watson.

Went into MPH after the heavy dim sum buffet. I saw this book that helps to clear your doubt with sex. I'm not lecherous, horny or what. Sex is a topic that bring all of us TOGETHER! LOL!
Maybe only apply on me. :D
I wanted to buy it! But i saw the price, $26.... Expensive la! Then Jocelyn asked me to get it a kinokuniya. Cause she go member, can enjoy 20% off.

I went for my dental appointment today. Doctor said that i could remove my braces next week! *Happy*
But i feel unbearable with my braces. ;[ So i told him to arrange it to next month. That mean 34 days till i remove my braces. BUT! I'll need to wear retainer! It is freaking expensive, $360 for upper and lower teeth.

But I'm still excited to see the brand 'new' teeth!


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