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Valentine Day!
Sunday, February 15, 2009

Coins left for our bubble tea.

Part 1:
Meet up with xiao jun & mei hong at amk hub to shop for steamboat ingredients and also buy Jackson birthday present. We went into a few guy apparel shop to compare prices and item. And finally, we decided to get him this formal top. The 3 of us went up to the cashiers and dig out all the money we had. And all we left in our wallet are COINS!
Xiao jun and i were thirsty and hungry. But the money we left are only enough to get bubble tea. LOL!

The three of us got down to Fair price to buy the ingredient. The place was packed with people, causing a difficulties for our movement. After getting all the items, we look into he trolley, the item seem very little in amount. So we added MORE foods!

Got up to the cashier and see the price of our bill keep increasing, and finally, total $70 plus. OMG! That was a lot. We hopped onto the bus carrying lots of item and that made us look just like aunties .
IN the bus, xiao jun suddenly pop out, "OH SHIT! We never buy cake!" But it too late! So we decided to just find some other stuff to replace it. ;]

Reached Destination. We went on the prepare the ingredient while waiting for the rest to come. I'm extremly hungry and can't wait to eat! Yummy!
FIANLLY! Everything is done and everyone is here! We started eating like a family? Haha! Alright. After sometime, we were full and we notice that there were still a lot of food left. DIE! We bought too much thing.

Part 4:
Jocelyn came and we start gift exchanging! I got mine present from tiffany. It was a COMPUTER WHIZZ MUG! Let's hope using the mug will help me to score good result for my exam. ;]


Girl gone wild

Yeahlynn Toh

wish upon the star
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♥ watch R21 movie in cinema!
♥ Tattoo
♥ Purple hair colour
♥ Underground Creeper
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♥ chanel mademoiselle
Ear Piece

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