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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Oven bought @ Carrefour, $68!

Come with timer for ya to set the time, different mode for different uses and also temperature up to 250 degree! Although it not some high end oven, but it really cheap to own this oven. I would advise people that just wanna bake stuff during their free time to get this! [=

You can get this at any facebook FACESHOP! LOL!

I spent like $20 plus on this things! LOL! But it worth la. Cause the nail balm smell good and act good.
So i went down to Canon Service Centre, hoping that they will be able to fix my camera. So i went up to the staff. They told me my shutter got stuck, need to change the whole lens. I thought it will be like $60, but they told me it $180. WTF?
Paying $180 might as well get a new camera.

Then jy and i went sakae sushi for lunch buffet. Delicious... I love Sakae sushi. So both of us ordered the new Unagi Chawamushi. When it was served, there was a layer of unknown sticky substance on top of it. The moment i saw it, it remind me of SEMEN! LOL!

We wonder around Vivo city and decided to go PS to get our oven.
After getting oven, we took cab home!


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