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Thursday, February 05, 2009

i bought my new laptop case! REDRED!!!

This morning i feel so much better. As in, no more stress. Well maybe a bit? Exam are around the corner, i haven evenm started! ARGH! At least i managed to clear all my module test and project. At least i could like slack for like a few days? Haha!

Meeting mr pi gu later on. It been ages since i last saw him.
So while i was waiting for bus and smsing jy. She told me she saw her friend recently and he finally look normal. So i replied her, so you find him look un normal all the time? LOL!
Just as i got onto the bus, i saw jy. She was reading my msg and laughing. And we started chatting away. Ahaha!

Finally we reached a point where both of us aboard different train. :[
Nick and i went around bugis trying to find thing that we want to buy. But nothing caught our attention. Maybe our standard too high la, those cheap shit sold there doesn't suit us! LOL!

Hungry, hungry, hungry...
We went to curry flavor. I find the fish taste better than their chicken or katsu. Seriously, their spicy curry and normal curry tastes the same. No kick!
We were dam full! So i suggest to go funan and find my laptop case. As we were walking around the mall, we come across a few store that sold nice casing. BUT ALL FOR MAC! FUCK!!!
I didn't give up, i keep hunting for my casing until i reaches Challenges. The store was fucking big! And i managed to found what i want! Hoo ray~

Nothing else to shop, we headed up to marina. Then went home.


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