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Old Airport Road
Monday, January 12, 2009

Royal Set

Monday again.
Someone asked me whether i will have monday blues a not. I replied , no. Monday lesson was light & class ended early. So it a good start!

What i really hate about monday is, 1290 class. Java coding is driving me crazy! I even have doubt if i'm able to pass my java exam. At least now i know how to group down to radio button together. I'm only left with linking it up with database.

Went on to marketing class, teacher told us that all of us passed our marketing exam. *Cheers*
But we still have project to work on & the presentation is next week! This week i have so much shit to complete. FUCK!
  • VB project due: Friday
  • Communication Presentation due: Wed
  • Marketing Presentation due: Monday
I went down to old airport rd with jun da, Charlene, sy & Edwin. We tried out the famous dessert shop. the Sweet Stone Parad'Ice' -.-
But the waffle was really different from what you guys have tried outside! The price is also reasonable. With around $15 for one royal set of 5 people consummation. Cheap!

We also have a long chat of some stupid topic. Wheelchair & what ah ma. LOL! It was hilarious.


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