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No idea.
Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I currently super , extreme , speechless about our IT 1290 project. Seriously I had no idea what the teacher is teaching. No codes for us to reference. Even there are, it not relevance to our project. Like what jun da said, our teacher is Internet.

7am in the morning, a few of us meet up in school & started trying doing last minute work for our project. At least i manage to add in some things which is always better than submitting empty work.
Headed to the class, lucky miss tan said nothing about my project. All i need to do is try & finish up linking the database to it. After she speak to every of our group member, i asked Jason so how miss tan said about our group. He told me, miss tan said our group doesn't have any team work. Cause we wasn't helping out each other. But the thing is, everyone have their own difficulties. How are we suppose to know who need help when they didn't even speak up?

2pm, we all went to help pack goodies bag. It was stupid, we were working as free labour? Clipping the pen onto the bags, then pack them into carton. I can't stand it, doing this over & over again, make my finger pain.
5pm, when we returning home, teacher asked us if we were able to help out tomorrow. Cause he still have a lot of bag that need to pack. Then we were like .... But we really had thing to do tomorrow. Eg, Rushing our project.


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