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What the point?
Thursday, December 04, 2008

Waiting for this movie!

The busy weeks are almost over. Now I could finally take a deep gulp of air! WHOO~

Term break are coming, I got to start planning for parties to enjoy myself during this 2 weeks. At the same time, I still need to continue doing my project for final of year 1 presentation. I started get along with my classmates & start to enjoy my life.
Alright, that day after communication skill class, Mr Subair asked me to stay back. He wanted to have a chat with me & Shingto. I really had no mood to entertain “Shito” [Shingto], looking at his face just remind me of his F9 attitude. After talking for some time, Mr Subair hope that we don’t hold grudge against each other & hope we will be able to remain as friend.

Mr Subair: Both of you should apologize to each other.
Me: ok, unless he apologize to me first.
Shito: Why should I when I didn’t do anything wrong?
After this line, I knew this conversation will carry on. I decided to get out of the room!

This matter seriously affect my emotion, I still had test later on. What if I didn’t do well? Who’s going to be responsible for it?


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