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Lost In East Coast.
Wednesday, September 03, 2008

JY & ME!

Raining day! But i decided to go East Coast & hunt for the legendary ice cream stall. Jy & I thought that bus 853 goes to east coast but end up, the bus only goes east coast on Sunday! AHHHH!!! So now we ended up in some unfamiliar place. We changed bus & continue our journey to St pat.

After sometime...
We don't know where are we! We got off the bus & started walking aimlessly. End up we decided to go parkway parade & meet Rayan! ;] On our way to parkway, the bus suddenly stopped & the bus captain got down from the bus!! Then i was thinking, so suay meh? This whole day all so bad luck. End up, the bus captain came back & continue driving.
Conclusion, he went to answer nature call! XD

Reached parkway & it started to rain AGAIN! The three of us had dinner at Fish & Co. Wow, the peri peri prawns were really delicious~ The peri peri saurce was not really very spicy but nice! ARGHH I'm hungry again!!

RAIN & RAIN NON STOP!! I wanna see sunny weather~


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