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4 again!
Friday, August 08, 2008

4 of us!


proper one!

This afternoon went back to NYP for 2hrs cmaths lesson. The lesson was so boring! Mr Lee was telling us a ‘joke’ which is not funny at all. This is the ‘joke’, one of his student came to him saying another lecturer accused him of molesting 2 girls which he don’t even know. So Mr Lee went to ask the lecturer about the case. So the story was like this, there was some event going on at our school atrium & this guy was standing beside one of the victim. He was folding his arm & using his elbow to ‘attack’ the girl boobs. Funny part was, the girl didn’t move away, she continue standing there until that guy did the same thing for like 3-4 times. That guy did the same thing to another victim! So the teachers come to a conclusion that that fellow is a ‘tiko’ LOL! So he was asked to quit school!

Skipped Java lesson & went down to have sushi feast with jy. We were heading to AMK hub & saw AH KAI & LI YING! JY & I were so agitated that we started laughing loudly. LOL! So all of us went to K garden for singing session. When the four of us got together, one word to describe us, MADNESS!

What a happy day!


jy please control your hunger & don't eat children prawn noodle!

Girl gone wild

Yeahlynn Toh

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