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Marketing Presentation.
Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Cookies & Cream MOO!

Woke up 6.30am to pack my bag & iron my clothes. Dam it; no matter how hard I tried to iron the blouse, it won’t seem to become less crumple. End up I was 20 minutes late for my lesson due to ironing of my blouse. -.-

The whole day my group was busy preparing our speech, editing for our proposal & changes for our graph. During presentation, I was so nervous. My heart was thumping fast & my hand was shaking. Thank goodness my group & I did well. CHEERS!

After lesson, went down to AMK library with jy. Out of a sudden, we remembered someone saying this ‘suck the pebbles to find the way home....’ sound funny right? This sentence never failed to make jy & me laugh! XD

We headed down to AMK hub for dinner at Fish & Co. Then we bump onto the manager that we used to work for in F&B industry. Kind of surprise to see her working for different F&B Company, after all she’s still maintaining her high rank position in her new F&B Company.

With 3 hours of sleep, I really couldn’t ‘tahan’ anymore. The moment I reach home, I headed to my bed & sleep.


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