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Filled With Tiredness
Tuesday, May 06, 2008

My Legendary School ID
outside spaghetti
school spaghetti . see the different?

I really hate every Tuesday, its like the worst day in the week. 8am lesson,6pm end of lesson. It like going to work in society! I thought that poly life suppose to be simple & slack? How come everything turn out to be in another way round? Tons of project, names & term of computer that i don't know. Stress started to appear in my dictionary...

This few days was fun, everyone in my class seems to have their own nick! Nick such as, Mafia , gay, auntie, chao ta etc... It just remind me of the past memories of secondary school.

Another thing to stress, i hasn't got into any CCA~ I'm trying hard to find what i wanna join but still no fish! I wanted to try sport CCA but i can't tolerate their training. I wanna join dance company but i don't have talent. I wanna join drama, but I'm afraid of audience staring at me. I wanna join many many more....


Girl gone wild

Yeahlynn Toh

wish upon the star
♥ Sewing Machine
♥ Fish Spa
♥ watch R21 movie in cinema!
♥ Tattoo
♥ Purple hair colour
♥ Underground Creeper
♥ A&F tote bag
♥ chanel mademoiselle
Ear Piece

click click!

you're on your way
gone with the wind