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Last Day Of Orientation.
Thursday, April 10, 2008

I'm finally back home! I freaking tired this few days, the orientation finally comes to an end. This mean that this few days, i don't have to wake up so early & goes to school. [=

In the morning, we did our class cheer. I was really moved by my class IT0805. All of them actually cooperates well & did their best for the class cheer parts. Although we didn't win the top 3 position, we knew that we had already did our best. ;] So our class guys decided to make Shing to our boss. So whatever the boss says or do, we will have to follow. XD I know were trying to make fun of him, but at least this show that 'there a child in everyone heart'. LOL!

The finale was what I've been waiting for. The performance done by S.I.T students. It was really very well done & all the performer put in 110% of their effort! I like the part where OGL mixed all the movies together into funny movie [like scary movie] .

After the finale. We decided to thank our OGL. But we only managed to says it half way, i saw Serene started crying & Evonnie quickly drag her away. I know that our OGL were touched by our act & really enjoy these few days with us. <3

IT0805 <3

Girl gone wild

Yeahlynn Toh

wish upon the star
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