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A Trip Back School.
Friday, February 22, 2008

This what i had for lunch!
Tubs of Ice cream...

This morning went to meet up with Si jia & Jocelyn they all, then all of us went back to Peicai Secondary. School moved to a new place, it more 'ULU' then our previous school. First stop, went to canteen to fill up our stomach! Next, D&T room. Lucky we didn't see Mr Ong around. I don't wanna see his mushroom head! -.-

1pm: Tiffany arrived. We went to meet up with her & bumped onto miss mok. So the group of us went to canteen AGAIN for lunch. [ i never eat ah! ] Not long later, Jocelyn & Mei hong came down with madam komati & join us. We sat there & the teachers started to ask each of us our posting. I'm really glad in our group, all of us were able to get into a poly. :]

We left the school & went down to PS. Too bad i couldn't join them to watch movie. :[ So i leave the place & went to work. So there was this part timer, Lee Xuan. OMG, she's a loud speaker! The way she talk even people standing 50m away also can heard her.. .

Friday night is always busy for our ice cream stall. Around 8pm, lots & lots of people started queuing for the ice cream. Guess who i saw today? Mediacrop celebrity, Don Yao. Around 10pm, Wei Jian received a call & he went home. Left me, Su Fang & CALVIN[ i hate him] . Final 11pm, We closed the shop & went home.

I'm confused..

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