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Bugis [
Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I'm in love with this top!

Meet up with Jocelyn & si jia at Serangoon Mrt station, I'm late again! So we headed down to Bugis. So we went to bugis street to look for budget things. And i finally bought the shirt I've been looking for! It seem that I'm the only one thats doing shopping, the others were like walking around aimlessly. While walking around the place, a girl approach us & asked us if we would like to leave our number down. She said she's from newspaper & looking for new faces$#^$%^$% whatever la. I wanted to give, but I'm scared that might be a trap. So neither of us gave her our number. XD

After si jia went off, Jocelyn & me went to bugis cafe & had lunch. I can't really taste anything, thank to my flu. But we still not full yet, so we went down junction & bought 6 chewy junior bread or donut thingy then we took a bus, went down to Marina sq & we sat outside the mall to eat our 'donut'.

So we continue to walk around the place then went back home.
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