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The House In Da ' House'
Tuesday, January 29, 2008

i miss school nasi brayani.

Today went out to AMK hub with Jocelyn & mei hong. We plan to go Causeway point but end up last minute change again! LOL! So went to catch the movie, The House. The story is about a house that is full of grieve & anger of people. So anyone that enter the house will suffer the same fate as the people that died in the house. Or rather, put it in this way, the ' ghosts' want others to go through what they have been before. Overall it really freaked us out, but we still don't understand the ending. LOL!

We went & ate a lot of stuffs today. First, Jocelyn & me went to B2 to get ' junk ' foods to eat while waiting for mei hong. When mei hong came, we went to Fish & Co. After movie, we went on to mac to fill up Jocelyn stomach. LOL!!!! Soon or later, three of us gonna become fat ass! XD

I finally saw the legendary broke back mountain ! Holy Shit! Three of us were laughing & looking how they behave. Then while walking to the bus stop, mei hong & me saw a 'ah gua'? He or she really look like a guy while the dressing look like girl. People just keep staring at him or her weirdly. XD

they were rude, inconsiderate & unpleasant...

Girl gone wild

Yeahlynn Toh

wish upon the star
♥ Sewing Machine
♥ Fish Spa
♥ watch R21 movie in cinema!
♥ Tattoo
♥ Purple hair colour
♥ Underground Creeper
♥ A&F tote bag
♥ chanel mademoiselle
Ear Piece

click click!

you're on your way
gone with the wind