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Getting Better.
Friday, January 18, 2008

black twit
red twit
Fiorucci Jacket
aww... want it badly.
Yuan Bao & Peanut. XD

Went work today, at first i was feeling a bit down. While walking alone the street i realise how beautiful an afternoon can be & it really cheers me up! :D I bought some foods into taka for ''self consumption'' XD

Sale was really good! Jy & me have a busy day looking for apparel for our customer. At least this keep us occupy for sometime. We started talking how come the sale report that we have is always different from the report taka in charge gave us. Jy went up to ask Jun about it. She told us it is due to the GST. Then i was like, orhh.... XD

But the most bizarre is that, the legendary pink jacket went missing! We walked around the area but no sight of pink jacket. I assume that its already sold out? Or, it is hidden somewhere in taka. :S

After work, jy & me to grab an ice cream before returning home. It rain! FUCK! My shoes & pant was wet! I was like, er.... GG! Thanks goodness we found a seat on the bus & settle down to relax. what a tiring day! :D

is that what i am...

Girl gone wild

Yeahlynn Toh

wish upon the star
♥ Sewing Machine
♥ Fish Spa
♥ watch R21 movie in cinema!
♥ Tattoo
♥ Purple hair colour
♥ Underground Creeper
♥ A&F tote bag
♥ chanel mademoiselle
Ear Piece

click click!

you're on your way
gone with the wind