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Perfect Trap!
Wednesday, December 19, 2007


So today i fell asleep in the train, lucky i didn't miss the stop. LOL! jy told me that my "special "choco 3 of it went missing. Obviously someone is stealing our foods! So we decided to camp at 2nd level to spy again.

Just now stock came down again. Jy & me busy packing the thing at the same time, we had to worried about the V.P that is coming down to Atrium. So many new things came today. Thing like, neh neh shaped speaker, grey doggie cushion & grey doggie wrist rester. Sale today over 1k. WHOO!!!

The time finally arrived. We rushed up to 2ND level & begin our spy game. We only waited for like 30 min, the prey started felling into our trap. He walked to our counter & open up the cardboard & took our something. Whole process was video down!! BUT, he still don't give up. he walked to our counter & open up every cardboard to see if there any foods that he has missed out.

He's in the bright while we are in the dark. I called Shonna & told her about it. I really hope they will do something about it. Security now a day become to danger... BEWARE!


Girl gone wild

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