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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

So fuck up this morning. People kept sms me & call me while I'm sleeping. Can't even have a good sleep during my off day . -.-

Just now meet up with xiao jun & Jocelyn. We went to Marina Square to shop & eat! I went to M Phosis & get a pair of sandal! Jocelyn said she wanted to get sandal so xiao jun & me accompany her to shop around the shoes shop. I went in to about 10 shoes shops & Jocelyn still couldn't find what she want. YOU ARE SO PICKY!

Finally she manage to get a black long sleeves shirt & it time for big feast! We went to this Japanese restaurant, Wakaru. The dishes in there were so tasty! Kinda pity that we don't have so much money to try out all the dishes. But i really think find their Salmon thingy dish expensive! $8.80 for just 4 slices... -.-

After that we continue to hunt for jocelyn shoes, still couldn't find what she want. End up xiao jun & me bought the shoes. And we even saw chin guan at topshop. So i went in & chase him for the money he own me!!! But i still failed to collect back the money... What a tired day.


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