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3 hour
Friday, November 30, 2007

Almost over slept today... The bus to parkway parade were fully packed with people. Lucky i manage to make it to parkway on time. Reached there & i saw my primary school friend, ming yi. LOL! She also working for precious thots.

we finish set up at 1pm! Shonna treat me & Walter eat mos Burger! Then Walter started telling us funny customer he had came across. After that Shonna said she need to go bank do something so me & Walter sat in the bank lounge & wait for her. suddenly got this two kids dam fucker. i asked the da ge how old is he,

da ge: you tell me your & I'll tell u mine.

me: age is women secret.

da ge: then don't bother asking me my age since you don't even wanna tell me yours.

I was like omg? Kid nowadays talk in this manner? I really feel like giving one tight slap on his face. Just before we went off the bank, the kid said, " you also not adult, immature what." then Walter help me shoot that kid, he said " at least she is more mature than you! " Thank Walter for helping me. :]

Walter & me also blur sotong, i thought that we suppose to cross the road to get to paya layba mrt station [ actually don't need] . Then he also gong gong follow me. Lucky cross half way i realised that we walked wrong way, we quickly ran back to where we originally were.

Just now Shonna told us that Big Boss is on his way to Vivo so we had to be alert. 5.30pm like that, xue li & me saw Micheal walking around the atrium talking on phone. Lucky he didn't complaint us. -.- Suay suay just now the Big Boss really came down to our stall. He came to our stall 2 times!!! The second time he came,

big boss: what is your name?

me: yen leng

big boss: i am from precious thots, yen leng please don't let the kid touch the thing inside the muscial box. This will make it spoilt easily.

me: ok! I will take note.

big boss: you working alone tonight?

me:yea. suppose to have two people but another one sick[jy].

The whole process was so SCARY!! I really worried that i will get scolding... Sigh! ]=


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